Maui Pawn Shop Reviews

The best review our Maui pawn shop, Kamaaina Loan And Cash For Gold, got was to be selected as “Best Maui Pawn Shop” in the 2012 Maui Time Weekly Best of Maui Readers Poll. (We did not repeat in 2013 thru this year, because the categories were changed and “pawn shop” was not included.)

An Internet search of “pawn shop reviews Maui Hawaii” does not turn up much. Perhaps people do not as readily think of reviewing a pawn shop as they do a restaurant.

The most meaningful reviews of our Maui pawn shop, though, come from our customers. They do not have to keep coming back – there are four or five other pawn shops they could go to on the island. But they do.

People who have never used a pawn shop’s services often have an unrealistic conception of who does patronize pawn shops. It is not, by and large, desperate people turning as a last resort to a pawn shop. Many studies, and the experience of the thousands of American pawn shops, have found that a high percentage of customers are fairly frequent repeaters.

This is sometimes true of people who work jobs that are seasonal or offer big swings in income (real estate agents are big users of pawn loans). But you might be surprised to discover that many pawn customers take out pawn loans for frivolous things like a night on the town, and not just rent and emergency car repairs.

Think about it though. Let’s say your all-time favorite band is playing one show in Hawaii, but it’s not on Maui, it’s on Oahu. Considering that top act tickets now run well above $100, and that you will need two roundtrip tickets, and money for meals, a hotel, souvenirs etc., it is easy to see that your once-in-a-lifetime shot at seeing Englebert Humperdinck (or whoever) is going to cost well over $500.

A lot of people don’t have that kind of money available at short notice, but at today’s gold prices, an 18-karat chain, or even a wedding band, can easily raise the kind of scratch that’s needed to get those tickets.

People who take out pawn loans for nights on the town are usually very good repayers. Once they’ve seen how easy it is, they come back again and again (often using the very same item of jewelry as collateral), because who wants to have to stay home on Saturday night?

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