Best Maui Pawn Shop

What makes a pawn shop the best in its customer area? Kamaaina Loan And Cash For Gold is the biggest of about half a dozen pawnbrokers on Maui. Also the oldest.

Maui pawn shops are unlike those on the Mainland in several ways. Unlike most pawnshops, they don’t deal in firearms. And, so far, there are no chain pawn shops on Maui; all are locally owned and operated.

Size matters. Kamaaina Loan is the only Maui pawn shop open seven days a week. (Closed six holidays in the year.) Nice to know if you find you need cash on a Sunday.

Being the biggest also means we can do big deals. A quarter of a million dollars isn’t that unusual. But Mauians pride themselves on maintaining the old Maui feel, and Kamaaina Loan is still small enough to know many of its customers by name. And not too proud to do a deal for $1.40 if that’s what the customer wants. (We confess; we do more $250,000 deals than $1.40 deals, but we’re proud to be ready to do both.)

Being bigger means faster service, too. We maintain a complex computerized system that allows us to research values, track customer history (which means we can offer even more cash to customers who pay off their loans, as something like 80% do), and maintain digital liaison with the Maui Police Department (something some cities are beginning to require; we’ve done it voluntarily for more than 12 years).

Bigger means we have a wider selection of goods in our retail stores – all four of them, one for jewelry, art and collectibles, one for tools and sporting equipment, one for coins and precious metals (also the pawn counter) and one for high quality surfboards, musical instruments, Hawaiiana, electronics and a bunch of other stuff.

Bigger means we are the only Maui pawn shop with a Private Transaction Room, with a discreet, secluded entrance, where sensitive appraisals can be done in comfort. And, yes, bigger means we do appraisals and have been accepted as appraisers by every court in the islands.

We also have a Graduate Gemologist on staff (important if you are buying or selling diamonds or colored stones).

We have a large, bonded and insured warehouse to safely store your pawned items.

We have the accumulated experience of 40 years in business.

But owner Big Rich likes to say the real payoff from being in business isn’t the number of loans, or the size of the loans, or even the thousands of active customer accounts. He likes to say he measures the success of his Maui pawn shop by the number of “Bless yous” he gets from people he has been able to help out.

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